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Annamayya Sankeerthanam - Anthayu Neeve

Thanks to Nithya Santhoshini's some song that I stumbled upon - a world of Annamayya Keerthanams has opened up for me ! Had no clue Nithya was an established playback singer in Telugu - but loved the voice immediately- it was like Chithra's. On more search, found a lot more Annamacharya keerthanams by seems  she actually started her career with Annamayya Albums !

I have fallen in love with Annamacharya Keerthanams. They are really simple in tune and words, have a range of emotions from the folk pidikita thallambraala to the heart touching, melancholic, profound naanaatti bathuku to this very devotional anthayu neeve that I have attempted. On listening to them more and more of them, one is reminded of a lot of movie songs.
In fact, anthayu neeve sounds so similar to 'margazhi poove' from May Maadham  ('manasa veena' in Telugu) that I tend to sing anthayu neeeve like margazhi poove. They are both based on the same ragam - indolam. Isn't it amazing that anthayu neeve was from the 15th century ? Music is the same - only the packaging has changed ....And this speaks for itself that Annamayya has mastered the packaging so wonderfully that his words and tunes could be followed by the common man and reach Lord Venkateshwara!
Enjoy this  youtube playlist that I have created with a few Annamacharya Sankeerthanams in the voices I liked them the best.

For those who do not know
Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya (Telugu: శ్రీ తాళ్ళపాక అన్నమాచార్య)  (May 9, 1408 – February 23, 1503) is a vaggeyakara (meaning a composer who pens the lyrics as well as sets the tune and the rhythm) . He is believed to have composed more than 32000 sankirthanams in praise of Tirupathi Lord Vekateshwara. If you would like, watch 1997 Nagarjuna starrer  'Annamyya'  with English subtitles.

I learnt this song from these wonderful posts with the music lessons to this song :
Part1, Part 2 , Part 3
Hope you find them useful and hope they post more of these :) .

Anthayu Neeve Lyrics & Meaning

అంతయు నీవే హరి పుండరీకాక్ష - చెంతనాకు నీవే శ్రీరఘురామ
కులమును నీవే గోవిందుడా నా - కలిమియు నీవే కరుణానిధి
తలపును నీవే ధరణీధర నా - నెలవును (or నెరవులు) నీవే నీరజనాభ
తనువును నీవే దామోదర నా - మనికియు నీవే మధుసూదన
వినికియు నీవే విఠ్ఠలుడా నా - వెనకముందు నీవే విష్ణు దేవుడా
పుట్టుగు నీవే పురుషోత్త మ - కొన నట్టనడుము నీవే నారాయణ
ఇట్టే శ్రీవేంకటేశ్వరుడా నాకు - నెట్టన గతి ఇంక నీవే నీవే

antayu neevae hari punDareekaaksha
chenta naaku neevae shri raghu raamaa ||

Meaning: Oh lotus eyed Hari, you are everything. Oh Sri Raghu Rama, you alone are close to me ||

Charanam 1
kulamunu neevae govinduDa naa
kalimiyu neevae karuNA nidhee
thalapunu neevae dharaNeedharaa naa
nelavunu (or neravulu) neevae neeraja naabhaa ||

Meaning: Oh Govinda, you are my origin and prosperity (Kulam means caste but I guess the intended meaning is that God is our source) . You are ocean of Compassion. Oh bearer of this earth, you are my abode and thought. ||

Charanam 2
thanuvunu neevae daamOdaraa naa
maniki yu neevae madhusoodanaa
vinikiyu neevae vithhaluDaanaa
venaka mundu neevae vishNu daevuDa ||

Meaning: Oh Damodara, you are my body and my prosperity. Oh Madhusudana, you are my listener. Oh Vitthala, oh Vishnu, you are in front of me and behind me (all around me) ||

Charanam 3
Puttugu neevae purushOtthamaa kona
nattanadDumu neevae naaraayaNaa
ittae Sree venkataeshwaruDaa naaku
nettana gati inka neevae neevae ||

Meaning: Oh Purushottama, you are the origin, the middle and the end. Oh Sri Venkateswara, you and only are my ultimate destination.||


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  3. After seeking more about Annamayya, I know that original tunes of his keerthanas is still unknown to the world. Thank God at least the text of 14000 of his krithis are discovered and available now!

  4. Very nicely effort. may God Bless you

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